Pure Huel Experience

Just wanted to share a brief summary of my experience thus far.

I am currently on day 22 of pure Huel. The only food consumed has been 100% Huel.

I have noticed improved sleep, and energy levels (although I was fairly healthy before so not so drastically).

Meals per day: 3 meals x 4 scoops.

Weight Lost: 12.8lbs…While also maintaining muscle.

Money Saved: ~£200.

I intend on continuing until I finish my supply (another 14 days). After which I will phase onto one Huel a day.

I’m very impressed with the quality. I’ve found Huel to be very filling and craving quenching.

I would recommend it to anyone who has the willpower to make dietary changes.

Many thanks to the Huel Team.



Thank you for so much for that awesome and clear feedback. Congrats on your fat loss.

Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

WoW! Phenomenal progress/fat loss!

Hey guys.

I have now finished my pure Huel challenge. Results as follows:

Days of pure only Huel: 39

Meals per day: 3 meals x 4 scoops.

Weight Lost: 16.8lbs…While also maintaining muscle.

Money Saved: ~£350.

It wasn’t as hard as I expected, and I really enjoyed it. The main noticeable differences I found were:

Improved sleep
Less pains in knees
Improved alertness

I have now managed to convert 5 people in the office to Huel which I guess is a sign its a great product. Where can I get some equity? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again,



More and more people in my office are jumping on the wagon too - or at least trying it! Congrats on your progress, really impressive.

That’s great will power and results.

Did you encounter any digestive issues?