Huel Only Experiences

Hello there. At the time of writing I’ve not consumed anything other than Huel, black coffee, or a vodka soda for 12 days.

As a background; my previous eating habits were chaotic and my work and lifestyle made them difficult and expensive to manage. I’m was in average shape before starting, although I used to be a lot fitter. I drink a lot, I’m fairly obsessive. I’ve got a decent amount of nutritional knowledge and I find it all quite interesting.

I’ve been having 3 cups, 2 cups, 3 cups, spaced as three meals through a day. So that’s roughly 1246 calories a day. I’m male, 31, 6ft 1 - this might seem a bit light, but I started with it and wasn’t hungry. I’m definitely losing weight, but that’s a goal anyway. I’ve added in some light exercise but I’ll come to that.

Regarding actual preparation, I put in ice, then the Huel, then water. I have a fridge with a water/filter ice machine which has made this so easy I curse the days I didn’t have it. I’ve never had lumps or trouble with the mixture, if you’re having trouble shake it harder you wimp. Don’t let it set on the counter or dry out in a glass though because it becomes the strongest cement known to man. Also check your face after drinking it to avoid accidental beige lip liner.

If you get the mix right I find it should pour out without protest. If it’s looking a bit reluctant I put some more water in. It tastes nice to me, porridge-ish, not too sweet. Texture is a little grainy if you study it but to be honest, I’m not buying it for the fine dining experience, it barely touches the sides. I’m mostly thinking about the jobs I need to be doing when I’m done. Come on - it’s a complete meal in a cup what more do you want? That said I try not to neck it too quick so I actually feel like I ‘had a meal’.

I have some of the flavours. Half a teaspoon spoonful is more than fine unless you want an unruly ‘This Huel is so strawberry flavoured it’s pulling my face off’ experience. Don’t knock the bag over or your house will smell like a sweet shop for a while. I’ve had a couple of fights with the sealing strip on the flavour pouches, I think I’ll put them in tins.

I know there’s all kind of experiences here, but I’ve been travelling my whole life and I used to eat a lot of mud and worms and cat biscuits as a kid, so I’m pretty bulletproof. All is pretty normal, more pee, less poop, never feel bloated, no issues. I do overdo the coffee sometimes, but I like that caffeinated verge-of-a-panic-attack state every now and again. Unless the phone rings; that messes it all up.

I’ve got more energy throughout the day, and I feel like exercising which is weird. I’ve found it easier to manage my time and routines. My teeth are indescribably clean. My mood is very consistent, which it wasn’t before.
I’ve not bought any groceries or eaten out, or bought beer or wine. I’ve got no rubbish or waste really aside from the bags of Huel, all I’ve used is water. I also have no washing up really aside from my coffee mug and the Huel shaker and a glass.
I’m continuing to lose weight and I’ve been doing some basic stuff at home, pressups, situps, leg raises, dips etc. I’d post my weight before and after but I don’t own any scales. I’ll get some when my car is returned.

I miss food occasionally, and obviously I’ll stop this Huel-only thing eventually, but even then, I can’t see me ever removing it from my diet. When I’m at home or working alone it saves time and effort at a time when preparing a meal is not something I have the motivation for. Social eating will probably end up the only way I stray from it. I should say I’ve cooked for other people during this time and not felt tempted to slam a load of bacon in my mouth or something, it’s been quite easy going.

I’ll update this as and when, or if someone asks a question I’ll answer it etc.


Try leaving the Huel for a couple of hours I the fridge once mixed. The gritty texture pretty much dissappears

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