My Experiences @ 1 Month of Huel. + A Recipe. :)

Hey Guys, this is my first post here and I’ll try to keep it concise.

Learning Curve
I got my first batch of Huel about a month ago.
I opted for unflavoured Huel with the “Mocha flavour system”, and unlike most people who seem to immediately try and live on it solely (Doomed to fail IMHO), I started having one per day for breakfast.
There were growing pains in terms of figuring out thickness/ratios, methods of mixing, etc. but eventually I got a blender which helped with smoothness. I also started off mixing with milk instead of water because it helped with the texture, but I found it to be too thick after a while so I switched to half and half, and then eventually, back to just water.
I also found, like others, that leaving it overnight helps with texture.
I like the mocha flavour system, the only other flavour I’ve tried was the toffee flavour but had to stop using it as it gave me terrible heartburn, but solved this by just switching back to mocha.

I gradually built up my appetite, and I now have 2-3 Huel drinks per day, each with 3 scoops (800-1200 calories), plus 1 cooked meal (about 800 calories), and/or snack through the day (100-200 cals here and there), I should point out that I’m very tall but also quite skinny and have quite a sedentary lifestyle so 2000 cals is plenty for me. I’ll soon be going to the gym regularly though, at which point I’ll have 3-4 huels a day and aim for that 2500 cals.

I’m also experimenting with my own sweetener consisting of cocoa powder and stevia (Not unlike the “mocha flavour system”).

Baking with Huel
I decided I wouldn’t mind having a solid version of Huel occasionally, and to that end, found some recipes on this forum.
The first recipe I tried was Huel cookies which, even with a generous amount of stevia, turned out bland and bread-y. They’re okay, I’ll eat them, but they’re not cookies.

The second recipe, however, may already exist, but was actually something I thought up myself.
Based roughly on the cookie recipe I used, I decided to make a savoury version, like cheese sticks, and they are absolutely delicious. It probably raised the fat content considerably, but as an occasional treat, I highly recommend them.

I eyeballed it, but roughly; it went something like this:

150g of Unflavoured/unsweetened Huel
100g of Grated cheese (Rough guess, just a big handful of grated cheese)
1 Teaspoon of baking powder
1 Teaspoon of mixed herbs
1 Teaspoon of butter
1 Egg
Level Teaspoon of mild curry powder
Splash of milk
pinch of salt and pepper

Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix until it’s all blended, add milk if it’s too thick to mix up but it should be sticky enough to pick up on a spoon.

Spoon onto a greased baking tray and bake on gas mark 4 (180c/moderate heat) until golden brown.


Perfect for anyone who’s looking for a savoury treat version of Huel.

So, in conclusion: that’s my first-impression/progress/experience with Huel. I think, used right, it’s a wonderful product that allows people to have greater control over their diet, and I’m looking forward to using it for the foreseeable future.
I also hope to be able to contribute more knowledge to this already informative forum, and be a helpful member of it’s community. :slight_smile:

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