One Month Huel Progress

I had a relatively healthy lifestyle before starting with Huel, I eat pretty well and go to the gym about 5 times a week. I decided I wanted to lose a little bit of weight.

On the 25th April I stopped having sugar in my coffee and ordered a trial of Huel and then made my first full order on the 28th.

Since then I have been having 100g 50/50 vanilla/UU with a banana for breakfast and lunch and then a normal dinner in the evenings. My gym routine has stayed mostly the same but maybe a slight increase due to training for an OCR event I took part in on the 13th May. I also slipped food wise and treated myself to a Burger King after the race.

I have lost about 2.5kg over the month which I am really pleased with as it seems like weight is coming off consistantly but gradually so should be sustainable. I am really happy with Huel. With a banana, I think it tastes pretty good. It is really convenient and quick to make. It seemed weird getting used to having a drink for breakfast and lunch but it seems normal now. I have less washing up to do :smiley:

Here is my weight graph


well done you!
I am exactly the same: what was weird to start with, seems to be natural now. And quick!
Banana is also my favorite addition: I peel, chunk and freeze mine in a little food bags.
No washing is a HUGE bonus for me :grin:

@jcaira Well done on sticking with regular Huel and losing the weight you have. I’ve just started today, but attempting 100% Huel. I might try adding a banana in for a bit of variety too.

You freeze the banana in little bags? Thats a great idea!

I forgot to mention, my goal is to get to 65kg and then I am going to buy myself a new PC. I want one now but you gotta set goals right? I should be there in another couple of months so gives me time to save for it.

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