My experiences with Huel

If anyone’s interested, I thought I’d put to you my experiences with Huel thus far. I’ve been drinking it as my main source of nutrition for a month and it’s been truly brilliant. It’s probably saved me an hour a day of food preparation and reduced my grocery shopping to next to nothing. I now tend to just have one conventional meal a day, when I get home from work. At the weekend, depending on how busy I’ll be, I’ll either go full Huel or half-and-half.

But to rewind, it was really difficult for the first week as I got used to it and learned how to make it properly. I’d never had any powder-based diet previously, so it was all new to me. But it was made a lot easier when I got the flavourings, as they made it much more palatable.

The strawberry and coconut & pineapple flavourings were okay but I quickly grew tired of them. The banana’s a lot better, but it still doesn’t taste quite right, like it’s a poor imitation of what a banana’s supposed to taste like. The toffee flavour is much the same. My favourite so far is the mocha flavour. I’ve never been much of a fan of coffee, but it’s strong enough to make it easier to drink, so that’s what I’ve been drinking most of the time when I’m at work. It actually makes me look forward to drinking it, as opposed to when I would dread the vanilla.

Overall, there’s a lot of potential for improvement, but already for those like me that generally just eat for health, it’s fantastic. My weight, while not really a problem before, has nevertheless dropped by half a stone and remained stable there, which is where it should be.

The funny thing about it all is that one other person in my office has since started on it as well and another may be on it soon, although that doesn’t stop others from making fun of it.

I did have one question though: the mocha flavouring says it has caffeine in it, and I was just wondering how much. Obviously caffeine has addictive properties and psychoactive effects, which always kept me away from drinking coffee in the past.

It’s caught on on my office too! More and more people are asking me to try it, and the kitchen is filling up with Huel bags!

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thanks. Oh, another thing: I’ve been peeing a lot more than I used to. I tend now to be careful not to drink less than an hour before I have to go somewhere without a toilet. It’s not a problem, but does make me think eventually it’ll want to be a solid.

I find the people who make fun of my Huel tend to be scoffing doughnuts with a side of cake on a daily basis. These are the same people who ask me for help when something needs lifting as I’m “fit and strong.” Funny ol’ world.

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I had exactly the same “problem” with huel. Interestingly, I do not have the same issue with other powder foods, so I switched. But now I consider giving huel another try as the sample is on offer.