0-100% experience

Hi All,

Another first time user experience I thought I’d share:

I received my first 1 week supply of unflavoured last Tuesday. I dismissed the warnings and went straight into 100% Huel- 3 scoops, 3 times (~1446kcal) per day. I’m 6’1", 176lbs, 29 years old, male, and have what I think is classed as a sedentary lifestyle. I do around 7000 steps per day but that’s just my commute and walking around the office all day. Based on the calorie calculator I’m on around a 600-700 kcal daily deficit. My aim is to lose around 10kg to put me somewhere in the first 1/3 of the ‘healthy’ BMI range.

Toilet: Days 0-4 I did have related issues but nothing that really inconvenienced me and it was gone by day 5 (last Sunday).

Mass: My scales only measure in metric and I don’t really trust their accuracy, but I’ve never seen them dip below 80kg before at any time of the day in any situation. This morning they showed 78.8kg. I can’t say I’ve lost 1.2kg as they are ridiculous scales but I’ve definitely lost something.

Hunger: Around 15 minutes after having my meal I feel full for ~3 hours. Then it’s fine until my next meal unless I’m with people who are eating, which can be quite stressful. Nonetheless I push through.

Taste: Just tastes like porridge really. I don’t enjoy it, but it’s fine so I just slosh it down in one then add a bit more water to get the leftovers out. Despite it not being enjoyable I now crave it once I start getting hungry.

General wellbeing: I’ve seen some other people mention this- I genuinely better all round. At no point during the day do I feel sluggish. I wake up around 5:45am (15 minutes before my alarm) and as long as I get out of bed straight away I’m good to go. Then I find it difficult to fall asleep in the evening as I’m just not tired. I’m averaging around 6 hours per night.

Cost: I’ve seen quite a few complaints about the price of Huel. I worked out that if I were on 3200 kcals of Huel (estimated muscle gain intake accounting for the extra loss due to gym sessions) it would still be under £10 per day. Normally I’d spend probably 50p on breakfast, £5 on lunch, and £5 on dinner, plus I’d eat out at least once per week. So I’m spending a lot more money to sustain my weight with normal food.

Downsides: Maybe I’ll die prematurely due to some unknown nutritional deficit. I feel great though and once I’ve lost the layer of fat I’ve had since I left university I will get on the muscle building and just use Huel for 2000 or so of my daily kcals. Carrying it to work is a bit of a pain. Regardless of how careful I am the dust will find a way onto my clothes.

So overall I’m very happy. I’ll follow up with progress in the coming weeks.


Hi. Regarding dust getting in your bag, I can recommend lock and lock brand tupperware boxes. I put my daily or weekly allowances of scoops into one of those to take to work and have no dust escaping.

Look forward to your updates.

Cheers pal. Sorry I worded it poorly- they were separate issues (bag and powder everywhere) but on the tupperware note I did try taking some in one day in a cuboid shaped tupperware box. No powder spilled on my trip to work but it was chaos trying to transfer it into the shaker!

At the moment I’m hairdrying the shaker after my morning serving and transporting lunch in the dried shaker. Plan to get a dedicated work shaker when I order next.