My first experience!

Hi all,

I ordered my first batch of Huel (unsweetened and unflavoured) about two weeks ago - I got one week’s supply which ended up lasting my just shy of two weeks. I had it for breakfast and lunch most days, with a regular meal in the evenings. I think I ended up having about 700/850 calories for breakfast, and about 1250-ish for lunch, sipped over about an hour or so. Oh, and I’ve never tried anything like this before. I sometimes ended up being quite hungry when I got home from work, so with my next batch I’ll mix up some more, as I’m pretty sure I wasn’t getting as many calories as I should have been.

First impressions were good. It wasn’t as ‘floury’ as I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise. The flavour was nice - it didn’t take any getting used to, and I’ve got to say that I really liked how not-sweet it was; it left a lot of room for some fun flavour experiments to happen (some good, some… interesting!). I often blended up raw ginger, cinnamon powder, and a bit of honey in with my Huel - very nice.

I have a rare half-autoimmune, half-autoinflammatory condition called Behçet’s (yay!) and over the course of my first two weeks on Huel, I didn’t feel hugely better, but just good (I must say at this point that I’m very lucky to never feel truly awful, or even ill from this condition, but there as been a noticeable improvement in my general health). My body felt more ‘balanced’; I was sleeping better; my overall mood was better; never felt bloated; never had a “food coma”, etc. I’ve also started exercising (mainly cycling, about 50+ miles a week), and found that it’s not as hard as it was before (I seem to recover quicker, and have less soreness the following day).

There have been some tentative studies linking Behçet’s with food sensitivities, but no conclusive links – it’s still very much a condition with an unknown cause (which makes it genuinely fascinating). Along with having Huel as my majority food source, I’ve been avoiding gluten and dairy as a little experiment for a week-ish, too. I did it before for around a month without any noticeable difference, but going to try for longer to see what happens.

I’ve just put through an order for a 2 week’s supply, along with the Rhubarb & Custard flavour - quite excited to try that. I’ve been without Huel for a few days and I miss being able to go and blend some up when I’m a little peckish!

Overall, I’m very happy with my first experience, so big thanks to @Julian, @JamesCollier, and the team!

Quick bit of feedback on the site:

When I went to get my latest batch, there was no clear way for me to add anything else to my basket. I genuinely don’t understand the decision behind this. I understand the main ‘Buy’ page having only Huel on it, but I had to manually type in the address of the full products page in order to find the flavour pouch I wanted. There were no links to the full products page anywhere.

This has got to be made easier. Have links, or “quick-buy” (I hate that phrase!) options for other products on the cart page, or somewhere noticeable at least. I want to buy stuff from you, don’t make it difficult!

I’ll echo the concern about navigating to find the flavour pouches. They are hard to find on the site. None of the menu items leads you to a page that lets you buy flavour pouches. They only seem available by scrolling down a LONG way on the home page. Past two other CTAs .

Thank you for the feedback and kind words.

The new nav button will be added today :slight_smile:

Hi @SquareFeet - thanks for the feedback. Glad you’re getting on well

The top nav now includes a link called “All products” - this takes you to a page where you can all the Huel products including the flavours.


Ah fantastic - thanks @Julian!

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Best idea ever.
Really. :slight_smile:

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I like it :grinning:

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