Huel - First experiences


I just my Huel arrived today and I thought I’d give you my first experiences.

First things I noticed:

  • I ordered an extra scoop, but I didn’t realize that a first order would come with 2 starter scoops. I either missed it, or it could be clearer :slight_smile:
  • How many scoops of Huel would you need alone for someone aiming for 2,500 calories? I know I can do the math, but I’m sure it must be definitively written somewhere too, I couldn’t find it.

I had my first taste of Berry earlier today. These are my thoughts:

I have never really been able to conceptualize the taste of “earthiness”, until now. Wow, it’s certainly something unique. It is incredible how bland this product tastes. I didn’t dislike anything, I just didn’t enjoy it, almost like flours taste I guess. However, the Berry flavor seems to be well balanced and bring out the best, without overpowering. The texture is good too.

The only thing that this product is “missing” is sugar, which is probably directly responsible for the “earthy” taste. Perhaps it’s because I love sugar, but a sweeter taste would certainly make it more palatable. I guess that is the good thing about Huel, it’s a great base to add what you want. I might try adding things like Honey in the future because even if I add sugar, it will be much less than what my diet currently has and I can slowly reduce this over time.

I just read through the little booklet you get and it pretty much gives good advice about the paragraph above.

I used to use Joylent for 2-3 months, which does taste “better” ( basically sweeter ). But I was concerned that they were using Soy.

I will see how I get on, I think I like it, but I need to see how I get on after my first week.


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Just tasted the new vanilla, I mixed it with milk instead of water. Taste’s really nice, nicely balanced, very sweet.

I find the sweetness of the Berry and the New Vanilla about on a par. I still tend to mix them 50/50 with unflavoured though, as I don’t really like sweet, and like to minimise my intake of Sucralose. I love the earthy taste! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to have you on the team, Matt – thanks for the message.

Think you’re right here. Will check out how many first time customers are adding additional scoops. Thanks for the feedback.

We don’t write this anywhere as we don’t intend for people to use Huel 100%. It’s healthy convenience foods for those most inconvenient meals, like breakfast and/or lunch. However, 2500kcals is ~16.5 scoops. I say approximately because actually each scoop you take is generally different. If you’re looking for precision then get the scales out.

Thanks for the feedback on the Berry. We actually get many saying that Huel is too sweet. It seems that people’s tastebuds are pretty different. It’s easier to add sweetness than it is to take away so we [try] to keep it on the less than sweet side. I’ll add this into the ‘not sweet enough’ feedback!

On the earthiness, the tip in the booklet about refrigeration really conquers this. Try it out!

Looking forward to hearing how the week goes!