First Taste

Hi All

Currently drinking my first ever huel! Over lockdown I’ve not been great and have put on weight, not a lot but I feel like crap. For breakfast and lunch I’ve just been having snacks and I’ve been eating loads of rubbish. When I worked in an office it was easy to eat well and I didn’t have to think too much but food is so accessible at home. It looks like I won’t be back in the office until April next year and we’ve to each get separate lunches so the social aspect will be gone. I just wanted to try huel to give myself some proper nutrition when at home while keeping it easy.

I have to say though, does anyone find it super rich? I mean it’s not a bad thing but I’m not used to eating something so heavy at this time of day. I used two scoops of vanilla and blended with water and ice. The taste is okay, not the worst thing I’ve ever had and I can get it down quite easily but I’m half way through and feeling stuffed and a bit sick.

Nope, not at all. Two scoops blended with 500ml water does me fine.

That must be very runny, I have 100g with 500ml water and if I over fill the bottle is super runny, I prefer it slightly thick

2 new scoops is 100g

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For me it is very filling. And I tend to have to add extra water when I’ve drank a third I prefer it runnier myself :slight_smile:

500ml water for 2 scoops? On a hundert percent Huel diet this would be 2.5 liters of Huel per day…

that’s the standard instruction on how to make it.

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I know, but 2.5 liters of Huel per day is much…with that ratio I find it difficult to meet the minimum caloric requirements…

Just remembered I have the old scoop still :smiley:

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To be honest, when I said I have 2 scoops I in fact use scales and have 100g, but it was just to highlight what I would do otherwise. I do find the new scoop is quite accurate though, 2 scoops usually within a gram or two of 100g

I tried the banana one this morning and loved it with no sicky feeling! I think the vanilla one might just be too much for me. I have the flavour boosts though so I’m going to try mixing my vanilla with them to see if it’s maybe just a flavour thing :slight_smile:

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I often mix my original 50/50 with unsweetened unflavoured, that may be useful if you can get hold of some U/U.

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