First bottle this morning

Had my first Huel this morning. I used 550ml of water and 170g of Huel and it was thicker than 2 short plank. Thick like a double chocolate malt milkshake. At first it tastes a little sweet and kind of similar texture to a shake with oatmeal blended in. After I swallowed I had hints that I would describe as kind of peppery. Overall for my first shake it was nice. Nothing to go mad about. I have the vanilla flavour with no added flavourings or sweeteners. I think ill need some mocha or toffee soon or it might get very repetitive.

I think its been about 3-4 hours since I had my Huel this morning, maybe closer to 3. I will be having my lunch in around 1 hour. So at about 12:30, and I haven’t had any hunger pains which I was wondering I might have. I haven’t had any urges to snack either. I don’t feel full or over full but I don’t have a need to eat anything, which is great.

All in all I am impressed with my first experience. Lets see how the first week and first month goes.

Add more water to make it less thick. I find 200ml (ish) to 1 scoop ideal.

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I must say that hunger works differently with Huel and my own experiences mirror your own in terms of long term satiety.

Traditionally one starts to feel a little peckish, which builds into a crescendo over an hour or so, a bit like an Elgar movement such as pomp and circumstance, gradually increasing in intensity until peak hunger is reached.

With Huel, satiety is complete until a moment where hunger hits hard and fast, (to keep a musical analogy going) like the drummer in a teenage punk band hitting as many bits of kit as possible at the start of every song, ever.

I like this this thick. maybe the thicker it is the more filling it feels for me?