New, ready and keen

Hey all.
We (myself and other half) received our order a couple of days ago. He tried his first drink yesterday and I will discover this hidden gem today for lunch.

Our reason for using HUEL is to have a a quick meal on the go when at work and ensure its a balance one. Its so easy to grab a meal deal from Tescos and we want to find a way of avoiding doing this or similar purchases. We are looking to use this as a way to remain in a calorie deficit. So, fingers crossed. My drink is currently chilling in the freezer. I had a sip of my other half so I know I will like it.

My main concern is that it will not feel me up. I do have high expectations here. I am not expecting a miracle drink that will burn fat. I am expecting to feel full for at least three hours after. Fingers crossed.


Hey Jodie! Great to hear from you and to have you using Huel. You’ll find a wealth of information and great people on this forum :slight_smile:

I think you’ll be surprised, Huel is really filling. It’s likely down to the slow release carbohydrates, high fibre and protein content. All the best, keep us posted on how you go!

I have found that if I make it thicker by using less water it fills me for longer.

I’m not sure if this is psychological or not, but it seems to work for me.

I noticed many people use the word ‘experience’ where this product is concerned.
I did smile when I had mine yesterday and realised and understood exactly why it is used to describe the little journey you have when discovering your first sample of Huel.

After a couple of sips, I decided I was okay with the taste. I’ll be honest. For me (and other half) it’s not a remarkable flavour. We don’t dislike it but we don’t love it. We are okay with it. The flavour doesn’t put me off from having the next sip but it’s not a flavour I would chose if at a milkshake stand.

We had a hard time trying to describe this last night. I will say that I was plesantly surprised to find that I didn’t have to force the drink down me. That I was happy to drink it.

No problem with the texture and no lumps. We do use a blender. It takes a few seconds to blend and only a few more seconds to rinse the container and blade out.

Did I feel full? Yes.
Again, the fullness is a tough one to explain. I didn’t feel as if I had consumed a plate of food. I did feel that I had no desire to eat anything else. That there was no food that felt appealing.

That’s fine with me. I hate feeling hungry.

After an hour of consuming Huel I did feel as if I had consumed a lot of caffeine. I have tried fat burner pills before and it was the same sort of sensation. This lasted for an hour and I was surprised to find later that there is no caffeine in the Huel ingredients.

It took me a good 45 minutes to consume my shake. Not sure why.
It was roughly three hours later that I was suddenly hungry. No warning - just boom - I need food. I didn’t mind this as I was prepared and a boiled egg was sufficient as a little snack before dinner.

So, there you are. My experience.

Let’s see how things pan out today.


Same thing here. First time I felt that it was really weird. I’m used to feel full (like heavy full) or hungry. Now I recognize the feeling everytime I drink Huel. And I quite like it. It’s like your body telling “Hey, I can take more”, but your brain answers “no, we had all we need, let’s do other things now, body!”. :smiley:
That, plus the fact that I really like the taste (not like a pizza love or my mother’s lasagna love, of course :smiley: ), makes me happy everytime I drink Huel. At least, for now, let’s see in a month or two. :slight_smile:

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