New to Huel first impression

Wanted to try this as not getting to eat while working as i am doing a driving job zero time to stop for food lost loads weight. Ordered a load of vanilla and the rhubarb flavouring.
Delivery was next day very quick packaging decent, one of my huel bags had a hole in and a small amount had leaked into the box.
mixed 3 scoops with 500ml water, tasted ok very drinkable with an oaty malty taste, but then added 1 teaspoon flavouring. Not over powering tasted better.
But gonna be honest after just 1 i am hungry and want to eat something lol.

I prefer a thicker mix… 450ml with about 120g Huel (~4 scoops). It feels a little bit more like real food. It is not the “I can’t eat another spoon”-full feeling like eating a bunch of normal food. But its okay if you give it a try for a few days.
I normally take 2-3 Huel shakes a day and eat a little bit normal stuff.

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I had that hungry feeling soon after having Huel when I first started. Now (3 scoops) huel for breakfast and lunch will sustain me until dinner (with very light snacking in between). It might be a good idea to add some fruit like a banana, berries, etc to bulk it out a bit. I make Huel to a consistency of thick yogurt and it’s very filling.

I had my first Huel this evening… 2 scoops and left it in the fridge to thicken a bit… I am quite pleased with the malty type taste! Hoping that sticking to Huel will stop my constant snacking! But wondering how I will manage after a morning session in the gym (female, 6ft, 66kg… Into lifting not cardio!!) tomorrow will tell!!

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