1st Taste of Huel

My first shipment of Huel arrived last night. I made a serving of the Vanilla - 400ml water to 100g of Huel - and left it overnight in the fridge. I’m drinking it right now. My first impression is… it’s not bad. In fact, it tastes just a little like a cereal from South Africa called ProNutro, though unsweetened and a little too watery.

Could I have it regularly? Up to a point, yes. I’d say one meal a day will be easy enough. Two… I’d probably have to vary the flavours fairly regularly.

The great thing about the vanilla version is you can switch it up by adding different frozen fruits :strawberry::cherries::mango: or bananas :banana: coffee :coffee: cinnamon, the possibilities are endless. :yum:

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That’s one reason I tried the vanilla first!

6 hours after my first Huel, and I’m only starting to feel the very first indications of hunger now. Usually from that point to actually being hungry takes me 2 hours.
So, about 6-8 hours of satiety! I must say I’m impressed by that. I was expecting little to no satiety with Huel.

It’s pretty good for satisfying you…but 6 hours is excellent.