New to Huel and already loving it + introduction, hi!

Hi guys!

After months of seeing the Huel ads on Facebook, I finally decided to give it a go about two weeks ago. I ordered late on a Sunday evening and received my first order Tuesday afternoon. Practically next day delivery, and that’s overseas! Very impressive.

I struggle with some mental health issues that often lead me to either not eat or overeat on (unhealthy) convencience foods. Over the last couple years it’s been a fairly equal mix of both extremes, resulting in a reasonably steady weight. I wish to shed some kilos, but because losing weight is way too easy at times due to simply not having an appetite/motivation to make anything, I’ve come to be very anxious about weight loss (possibly even leading to sabotaging myself by overeating on junk at a later time ,whoa slow DOWN Dr.Phil!).

I think Huel can help me in both extremes: I can trust on it to be plenty and quality nutrition at times I do need to use it for all or most of my meals, thus eliminating anxiety about the slippery slope of unhealthy weight loss. And I can use it as a convenience food when I do have an appetite but am honestly just too lazy to cook anything.

My experience so far:
I opened my first bag of Huel last Sunday. It turned into 5 days of 100% Huel, which wasn’t planned but I’m glad to report it’s done exactly what I hoped it would for my mental health and food consumption. I had 3x3 scoops per day and here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • It’s sooo filling! I didn’t have any hunger during the day at all. Even when it was time for my next meal, I felt like I could easily last an hour longer if I had to.
  • No cravings for anything. Not even just for something to bite into.
  • Each portion ideally takes me between 30 and 60 minutes to drink. On the days I had to work and was ‘forced’* to drink my Huel in a shorter amount of time (10-20 minutes), I noticed the Vanilla flavour was a bit sickening and I felt uncomfortably full.
    * Bit too self conscious to drink it at my desk at this point.
  • Energy levels were steady. No real highs or lows.
  • Drinking Huel made me very thirsty for plain water. Not sure why that is, but it’s not a bad thing by any means!
  • Bowel movements same as usual, thought the last two days I felt a bit ill. I blame this on having to chug it down fast, since those were the days I had to work. I’ve decided to make smaller portions for work in the future.

On the 6th day I felt a bit more fit mentally and had Huel blended with frozen mixed berries and almond milk. Very nice! For lunch I had a Subway veggie sandwich since I was out and about. Having Huel in the morning still kept any unreasonable cravings away for the rest of the day.

I’ll definitely continue to have Huel on hand at all times. I didn’t figure out how to start a subscription (using PayPal) when I first ordered, but I’ll look into it again shortly.

TLDR: Many compliments to the Huel team and I’m looking forward to joining the little community you made for us here. :slight_smile: Would love to hear why other people choose Huel!


That’s very interesting…especially 100% off the bat.

I’ve done 100% Huel before after easing in - 5 weeks of 100%, and aim to start again in January for 6 weeks.

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I found it surprisingly easy. I do have to add that in the week prior to having Huel 100%, I was having 1-2 vegan “meal replacement” (read: glorified protein powder) shakes already which likely helped.

Good luck to you in January!


Hard tp distinguish sometimes, when even the brands don’t know. Glad to see you leveled up to Huel!

Do you plan on being 100% for the foreseeable or is this a temporary thing>

For the last three days I’ve just used Huel for breakfast, blended with berries, and had regular meals for lunch and dinner.

Seeing how nice the five 100% Huel days were though, I do see myself doing that here and there when needed. Probably also as a ‘challenge’ for x amount of days here and there for a weight loss boost. Will figure out a plan after Christmas. :slight_smile:

How do you incorporate it into your routine?

:joy: Huel usage after Christmas period must increase noticeably.

I usually have it for breakfast (99%) and then lunch if I do not have anything cooked already (working from home). Then after the gym if I do not have other good protein sources around that I can consume easily. This is more often than not since it is hard to come by so much easy protein (besides prot powder).

:joy: inb4 the site crashes on january 1st

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Customer service has since informed me it isn’t possible to create a subscription using Paypal. Not sure if the benefits of the subscription outweigh the ugghhh-ness of having to get a creditcard :thinking:, I’ll probably place another single order and then look into it. Sometime. Maybe.

Don’t know if it is still like that, I’ll find out after my next payday :rofl:
If it is, take a look at Pay2D virtual, might be a rather cheap solution if you
don’t have any other (common) uses for a creditcard :wink:
Using it myself aswell.

Can’t start a Huel subscription with a prepaid creditcard unfortunately :confused:

Ah right, there’s also that. :sweat_smile:
Well, hope they made it possible with paypal by now.
Would be a pain (and quit a difference in cost) for me if it is not possible to
go for a subscription.

I asked a couple weeks ago, so I doubt it. I’ve requested a sort-of-creditcard at my bank… I’ll let you know if that works! (If they approve it. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Yea, keep me updated. 10% is a serious cut in the costs of it :grin:

This is odd… my subscription is set up through PayPal.
I’m in the UK though - are you on a different site?

I am set up with PayPal too.

I order from the EU site, yeah. The PayPal option isn’t available at checkout for subscriptions.

That’s a shame. I wonder why that is?

I use my debit card for my subscription.

No comment.

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@Coup is very bored :neutral_face: