My first Week on Huel

Hi everyone,

A bit of background first I am a 40 year old male and when I started I weighed i n at 17st 6lb. Admittingly a lot of this weight was from the xmas period but I have no actually pre xmas weight to post here.

I walk to for around 40 mins a day quick pace. That’s my only exercise really.

I decided that I needed to make a lifestyle change and alter the way I ate. I had stomach aches / sickness and bad digestion all due to the vast intake of bad foods.

I chose Huel after much research and although most of the recommendations advise build up I didn’t have much in my cupboards so went 100%.

Using the calculator it said I need 2700 calories which I thought was quite high but yet again I haven’t previously monitored my calories intake.

I decided to go for 2000 calories and see what happens. So 100% Huel over 5 meals a day.

Quite SIMPLY wow - I feel so much better - digestion and ‘movements’ regular. Skin better. More energy. And best of all. No hunger.

Now for the biggie i expected a loss because my jeans are already a lot slacker but weigh in this morning(same time and scales etc) 16st 9lbs.

I have just placed my order for another 2 weeks. One thing I will change though is I intend to have a healthy meal out once a week. But will replace chips with jacket and all that kind off thing!

I am loving the informative forum also and hope I can contribute in some way.

PS the bags are a pain to reseal but that’s the only -ve I have found.




Amazing results! I’ve only had the Huel for 3 days, but i’m also down by around 2 kg\ 4 lbsish. Most of this is fat as well as I’d already shifted all of my Christmas water weight through diet in in the weeks since Christmas.

I love the skin side-effect as well, though you have been luckier than me with the bowel movements…

Keep up the good work.

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Run the tip of a knife or cocktail stick/toothpick along the grooves of the bag seal. This should clear excess powder from the seal, making it easier to close.

Bulldog clips are much easier than working the seal.

I think bulldog clips are the way forward. Cheers.