2 Months in and still going strong

I’ve been using Huel for 2 months as approximately 90% of my meals (and I still snack) so thought I’d post my progress.
I am 55 and training for my first marathon but in contrast I am desk bound at work and spend between 2 and 3 hours a day sat in the car commuting. Not overweight but would like to lose a few pounds.
So here is a summary of my experience so far in no particular order …

Using Huel allows me to easily adjust my calorie intake based on my day’s activity by having the same number of drinks, just differing amounts of powder.
My recovery after a run seems to have improved since using Huel.
Getting home late in the evening after the rest of the family has eaten is no longer an issue.
Using Huel ensures my liquid intake is good as I probably wasn’t drinking enough before.
I’m saving money.
I do feel healthier and more consistently alert during the day.
I am not losing weight but I am losing inches, not sure if that’s the running or Huel.
I use body analysis scales and my visceral fat is lowering.
No waste… I hate wasted food.
I feel good with the certainty of knowing that I am eating a very healthy balanced diet.

Initially I did feel the need to eat something warm so used to make it with warm water but don’t bother any more.
Sometimes I get cravings for a taste less bland…. Currently Salt and Vinegar crisps.
Yes, sometimes there are lumps… so I add more water and shake them out… no big deal.
Still get loads of questions… “why?”… “Don’t you miss real food?”

So nothing too bad …

I admit I have been slightly disappointed as I was expecting to feel a lot more different in some way but to be fair my pre-Huel diet was a pretty healthy one anyway.

I started simply as an experiment and I plan to stick with Huel and see how it goes as I have no reason not to. I am not the slightest bit bored of it and don’t miss “real food”.
Maybe in another 2 months I may have a different opinion but …. so far so good.


Good to hear you’re having positive results, good for you.

@meltec I can definitely understand the desire to eat something more salty sometimes. Huel is very low in salt. For me, it doesn’t matter because I like a bit of salt on my “normal” food, so I guess it all balances out in the end.

Yesterday I had a non-Huel day (I have those sometimes) and had a load of Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Crisps. I even mixed a load in with my baked beans and rice pasta that I had for lunch. I added gravy powder too. Sounds bonkers maybe, but it was actually really nice!

Oh, but then I finished with a drink made of Wheatgrass Powder, Spirulina Powder and Rice Protein. Just a quick way to get some extra nutrients really.

Definitely no need to give up eating food completely…