How much can Huel save you?

I was just wondering how much it would cost to get the exact same nutrition you get from Huel? I was in Tesco tonight and was thinking about all the different veg, fruit, seeds that you would realistically need to eat every day and as well as being pretty damn expensive, it would be almost impossible to not be deficient in something somewhere.

And yes, I know I could probably get it all a lot cheaper from Aldi, but my point still stands.

This is a very interesting question @StuartLee

According to the government > “In 2012 average household expenditure on all food and drink rose 3.6 per cent to £41.37 per person per week.”

So at £35 (our target price delivered) the average adult would save £6.37, which is 15%. But I know that personally I spent a lot more on food and drink per week.

I think Huel is good value for money, but I would normally only spend on average 26-27 pounds a week on food before starting Huel.

But you’re charging £45 for huel, not £35

So it saves nothing and is actually an increase on the average food spending stated

When do you plan to reduce the price to your “target price delivered” of £35

When buying other food, I would typically spend around £30 - £35 per week (not including eating out). So Huel is a bit more expensive in comparison. Hopefully as time goes on, and there are some economies of scale, the price of Huel can move down to the £35 price level for a week’s supply.

I can’t say I’ve studied the data, but I’d guess the average family doesn’t necessarily eat such a well balanced healthy diet either.

Much as I’d love it as cheap as possible, the current price for a month isn’t that bad compared to my previous spending on chicken, salmon, fresh vegetables, organic ingredients, etc for regular meals, plus additional costs when I’d forgotten/was too lazy to cook lunch and was trying to buy healthy filling food in central London, and that’s not counting the value of time saved not cooking in the evenings anymore. Just my opinion though.

I think of it as a monthly overhead, zero waste, food expense… plus chef’s salary (I don’t cook my meals anymore), plus nutritionalist’s salary (who checks I’m getting a clean healthy diet and all my required vitamins) - pretty damn cheap!