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Just got a text off my mother inlaw sayimg this was on tonight, couldnt see another thread…

Will be catching up later…

missed it but its on catch up

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@CharlieMay did you see this??

Ooh, no I didn’t… I don’t really watch much telly :flushed: I’ll see if I can do the catch up link…

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Well that was interesting, though I don’t really rate the programme’s way of ‘rating’ the diets based on cost of the product vs. weight loss. Particularly with something like Huel, which isn’t necessarily for losing weight per se. I mean, you could eat your full calorie allowance in Huel and not lose any weight, but still be spending all your food budget on Huel! Not to mention that all kinds of factors could affect how quickly the subject loses weight, such as how heavier they are, how active they are, gender etc, not very scientific :joy:

Also, they don’t seem to look at the nutritional value of the products they are reviewing, so they could be comparing something that lacks essential nutrients, or is full of synthetic crap to a product like Huel…

I’m now watching another episode, lol

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Agreed that the experiments are completely anecdotal and mean next to nothing (but we came 2nd! Yay?)

On another note, could someone help us out? How on earth did they end up with this cost when Andrew was eating 2000kcal of Huel per day for 28 days.


28 days @ 2000kcal/day = 56,000 kcal
56,000 kcal = 8 pouches (7000kcal per pouch)
8 pouches without subscription costs £165


Have they purchased the starter bundle 4 times? Even 9 x GF pouches is way off in cost. Even 4 x GF starter bundles (£50 each) is way off.

Send help.


So if they had done they’re maths correctly Huel would be top of that leader board (competitive side coming out):

Andrew lost 21lb in weight and spent “£255.65” - somehow, which equals £12.17 putting him in 2nd place.

But the actual cost of 56,000kcal of Huel is £165, so therefore his score was £7.86, putting us at the top by a long shot.

giphy-downsized (8)


I haven’t seen the programme but maybe he spent a further £80 on Huel merchandise such as t shirts, hoodies, shaker bottles and maybe even a blender :wink::grin::sunglasses:


…and then had to buy the shirts etc again after losing weight. Sounds legit.


@TimOfficeHuel Surely you didn’t expect something in mainstream media to be accurate?

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Is it possible they included the cost of the food he was eating alongside the huel initially? I saw smoked salmon, rice cakes and cream cheese and some kind of stir fry and I believe he ate meals for a week. I might be completely wrong though.

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Bingo, that’s it. To paraphrase a message from them, basically it includes a lot of flavour boosts, some bars, plus 56,000kcal of Huel and 1 weeks worth of his additional food.

Still an extra £90 though!

very woolly…

I’m pretty sure they said he had just 3 shakes per day .

I wasn’t happy with their pricing, either. He had 2000 cals per day so even on our most expensive way of £45 per order, the most it would have been is £195 for a calendar month. I can’t see how they arrived at their amount.

Nevertheless a positive review, but aimed at the weight loss market - and that’s not Huel.