2kg bag unopened for sale

I have a new nutrition plan from my PT and he doesn’t want me on Huel - I bought the bag from Amazon for £50 I’ve also got just under half an opened bag left too which can go with it for free just need it gone as it’s no use me holing on to it.

Just out of interest, why doesn’t he want you on Huel?

I’ll take it. How much are you looking for?

Huel is a meal replace and my PT wants me healthy food diet plus the carbs out weigh the protein while ch is not what I need right now

Where are you so I can find out about postage?

Interesting he doesn’t want you using Huel. Huel is healthy food. Does he understand that Huel isn’t a weight loss/protein shake product? 37% of the energy in Huel comes from carbohydrate, 30% is from protein, so they provide a similar amount of energy in Huel.

I can’t imagine that the diet he will have you on will be that dissimilar to the macro-nutrients in Huel. However I wish you all the best with your new regime. Just so you know, Huel has a shelf life of 12 months unopened so you might as well keep it as it may be useful to you in the future.


Just what I paid for it £50, you have have the opened bag for free

This is quite frankly ridiculous. Any PT who advocates ‘real healthy food’ over ground up ‘real healthy food’ is stuck in the past.

Then again, some of the advice I received from PTs before I started solo body building was absurd. I was advised NEVER exceed 2750 calories or I’ll become obese. 6 months on at between 3000-3500 a day and I’m just fine, in better shape than ever.

Be wary of this PT OP, an hour of reading online every day can be much more beneficial…

Huel is not a meal replacement. Huel is a meal.

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This ‘isnt’ why I posted here! The PT is highly qualified so please stop.

I just want to sell
The Huel - if you’re not interested don’t comment!


2kg for £50 isn’t gonna tempt that many people here tho…you can buy 3.5kg for 45 quid direct from Huel, and I guess the forum users know that. Unless you live in Peru or something when shipping costs may be a lot to a board member there.