Black Huel for sale - Bristol

£20 a bag

I have -

Vanilla X3
Chocolate x2
Salted caramel x1
U/U X2

I can deliver on my bike but might need two trips if you want the lot!

They were delivered last month. Most of the best before dates are 2022, a couple are September this year.


Hey Ash, sorry to see you’re looking to sell your Huel, I would love to know why you’re selling so much so soon after purchasing? Is there anything we can help you with. There’s a load of ways to adapt the flavours and texture to your own preference!

Hi Tim

There’s no real issue at all tbh. I missed my subscription notification email last month so ended up with a delivery I wasn’t nearly ready for. And unfortunately for me it came at a time when I decided to stick to white Huel in future because of the macro split.

I originally started to incorporate Huel black as you were using stevia and it seemed an even healthier macro option however it doesn’t quite work for me. I use Huel for around 50% of my calories and often my calorie goals are around 3000 as I have a high metabolism, am active and am trying to gain muscle. I have found that I need more carbs in my diet and at this amount of calories I have no issue finding protein so Huel black is a little overkill in that respect. (I realise this might be too much info but knowing you guys you’re probably interested!)

I do prefer the original black chocolate flavour and have a couple of bags I’m keeping for myself :slightly_smiling_face: (I also have a little of the old mint choc and cacao flavour boosts to use lol)

So in short Tim nothing to worry about. I’m still spending a lot of money with you and will happily continue to do so.

I wish however that I could have sent my delivery back but I figured you wouldn’t have let me seeing as you had sent the email notifying me of the upcoming renewel. Maybe I should have tried.

Anyway thanks for the concern Tim, but all is good :+1:

Have you opened them? If not then you could ask about returning them even if they’re outside of the 30-day period. I’m sure that this wouldn’t be a problem if the bags are in spot on condition.

I may be interest in salted caramel as I’ve never tried it. How far is BS5 from you? Viable?

Would have it delivered to a friend who’s visiting me soon…

Thanks for explaining, just looking to help out a Hueligan :blush: glad it’s nothing really wrong, just you’ve got a lot. Some people try Huel once and don’t really like the taste but don’t realise it’s not a one size fits all thing. The good news for you is that Huel lasts for aaaaages, 12 months unopened, but we’re looking at extending this hopefully after further testing. So don’t feel you need to get rid so soon, you could just keep it under the stairs for when you’re diet priorities change.

Equally, there is a Facebook group for this exact thing - buying, selling, swapping Huel. Perhaps there would be a better place to get rid of yours?

Darn it was the 18th March so just over the 30 days.

Thanks for the help though

Absolutely. I could even swing by tomorrow morning as I was thinking of picking up some bread from the bakery on St Marks road…

Thanks Tim. Yeah I might hang onto it. I just ordered six more white so I figured if there were willing buyers then I could offload the black.

I’m not on Facebook but thank you I hadn’t realised. I might have a look…

That sounds good! Shall I pm you?

Yeah. Just send me the address and what time is best for you

Bah sorry to mess you about, it’s been disallowed by the Mrs :slightly_frowning_face:

No worries

hey is any of this still going? I’m in BS7 and have a car

:rofl: :rofl: What has happened here?!?! I never had you down as under the thumb :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there! I had a quick look for you and it doesn’t seem like it’s on the page anymore (after a quick search for @Ash

In any case there’s loads of Huel going on there - Tim has posted the link to the Facebook group as quoted below👇

You’ll need to request to join if not done so already :white_check_mark:

Good luck on your Huel forage :grin::facepunch:

Hi. Sorry I have managed to send the whole order back to Huel. Absolute legends

13 bags of Black in the cupboards already :grimacing::grimacing:


YAAYY glad to hear it :smiley:

20 a bag??

Its second hand bro, 10 to 15 max

I can get black for 25…with a gaurantee

If youre selling white for 20 a bag kindly go do one