Unused/nearly Huel products for sale

I have several Huel items that I just can’t get on with and would like to sell:

1 brand new large bag of Vanilla Huel v1.2 (with scoop)
1 opened large bag of Vanilla Huel v1.2 (with scoop) - only 10 scoops taken from it
1 opened bag of Strawberry flavouring - only 1 teaspoon taken from it
1 opened bag of Banana flavouring - only 1 1/2 teaspoons taken from it

Also happy to give away the Huel T-shirt (large, grey), and 2 chocolate bars.

Everything cost me over £70, sensible offers welcomed for the entire package or individual items. Postage to be paid by buyer or collect (Colchester, Essex).


I would be interested in this! I am also based in Colchester. Just started with Huel and don’t know how best to contact you outside of direct replies on here.



Hi F, thank you for making contact (the lady I was going to sell it to over the weekend has just pulled out!)… I’m based in south Colchester (Layer de la Haye) and would be happy to deliver it to you if you’re not too far away? If you’d like to talk privately, pls email me at michelle@maxfb.co.uk Kind regards, Michelle

Interested in both flavourings if they’re not gone…

Edit - Two bars and two flavours £12.50 delivered? Slow post?

I have emailed.



Thank you GTIPug - I will check on postal costs for these items and confirm tomorrow morning. Hope that’s ok, Michelle

Of course it is :slight_smile: Look forward to hearing! No worries if not.

Morning GTIPug!

Postage for small parcel, slow post, is £2.85. Would you be ok with £15 total (including P&P)? If so, pls email me directly at michelle@maxfb.co.uk with your full name and postal address, and I will respond with my bank details. Kind regards, Michelle

Emailed :slight_smile:

Arrived this morning. Thanks a bunch!!

Have they all gone? I’m looking for about 1kg of Huel for testing purposes!

Hi JCW, so sorry but everything has gone now. (I don’t know how to take my post down!). Kind regards, Michelle