Too much Huel!

Hi fellow huellers,

I’ve had Huel on subscription for the past year or so but recently I’ve struggled fitting it into my diet, which I know is ironic seeing as it’s so much quicker to prepare!

Anyway, I love the stuff but I’ve decided that it’s not working for me anymore but that leaves me with 10 bags left over (8 of which are unopened).

Would anyone on here be interested in buying any of it? I have 4 bags of unsweetened v2.2 and 4 bags of vanilla v2.2.

Will be selling each bag for £20 each incl. delivery.

Tom Hartley :slight_smile:

@bigM would probably take some vanilla.

I might do in a week or two if youve any left.

Hey there! I would take 2 bags. Im from Germany though. can you send me a direct message?

Hi I would! I’m in London

I’ll buy one if you still have any left

Can you narrow it down a bit geographically? Cheers

Still got 8 bags, I’m down in West Sussex

Whereabouts are you in West Sussex ? And how much a bag for collection ?

Crawley and £15

Thats handy I work in Copthorne, I’ll take the 4 bags of vanilla.