Does anyone have a bag of v2.1 or v2.2 Vanilla they'd like to sell?

Because of limitations with Huel’s ordering system, I can’t order the two bags of U/U plus one bag of Vanilla that I’d like, and I don’t want to order larger quantities until the next version comes out (as I’m hoping for a texture and thickness improvement).

I can, however, buy just two bags of U/U.

So, if anyone has a single bag of Vanilla v2.1 or v2.2 that they’d like to sell, I’d love to buy it if the price is agreeable for both parties!

Please let me know? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Where abouts are you? Might luck out and get someone local.

I’m in Durham :slight_smile:

I have 7 bags of vanilla v2.1 I’d like to sell

This lady does… Don't know how to delete. But bags are sold. Sorry