London: Selling c.1.75 bags + flavours

Hi all
I decided to try Huel after completing a food diary, and being shocked at both what I was eating and now much I was spending. Sadly, this isn’t the product for me - so I shall carry on trying until I find what is! In the meantime, I’ve decided to sell up here, cause I just hate waste.

So - I have:
2 bags of Vanilla huel. One bag is opened, and has had maybe 6-10 scoops out of it.
1 open Chocolate flavour boost packet (2 spoonfuls taken out)
8 Flavour boosts (Taster pack, I used the chocolate one)

I was hopeful that as a paid up chocoholic, it would be a way to help… apparently not. Not necessarily looking for much money, £30 - £35 would be grand (+ postage if you’re not in London!).

Thanks :grinning:

Hey there! Id be happy to send £30 plus postage for east Sussex in the UK, is the packages still available? :slight_smile:

Im willing to purchase £30+ delivery

Hey there, really sorry that you found that Huel wasn’t for you. Could I ask what specifically you found wasn’t for you? We’d love to help, there are many ways to enjoy Huel :blush:

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