Selling huel - Vanilla new and flavour boosters

Hi guys,
I recently bought my first order of Huel and unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan so I am selling what I have.

I have:
1 Unopened New Vanilla flavour
1 Opened New Vanilla flavour (used twice, so about 4 scoops gone).
Huel T shirt (large womans)
Shaker bottle
8 Flavour boosts (Taster pack, I used the Strawberry one)

Cost me £45 new, I can post (will need to see how much it is at Post Office), or I am Bristol based.

Please make me an offer - I hate to waste stuff!


Hi Opal,

If its going to waste I’ll give you £25 for it?



Hi Toby,
Sounds good to me! Are you Bristol based as otherwise will have to see how much postage is for you xxx

I’ll pop an offer of £25 too, I work in Bristol, up at Aztec West Business Park.

Toby has first dibs but I would rather sell locally to save on posting (I follow a low waste vegan lifestyle so the less travel the better). :slight_smile:

Hi Opal,

Go with GTI;'s offer. Mine would need posting.


Hi :slight_smile:
GTI has pulled out today lovely, so it’s yours if you want. Would need to find out postage/see if I can drop off. Xxx


I’m based in London. Is that still ok?

Hi :slight_smile:
As you’re in London I’d post rather than drop off as its a bit of a drive from Bristol haha.
Would you like me to find out the postage cost for you lovely?