For sale: HUEL Vanilla (V2.3)

Hey all
Unfortunately I cannot get on with the shakes and more. I purchased a flavour boost but it seems my HUEL days have gone.

I am selling two bags of HUEL. One is brand new and sealed - expires on 07/19
The second bag has been opened and weighs 1.30kg. The bag has been sealed after each use. Expires 05/19.
The flavour boost is Toffee and one tea spoon of powder has been removed. Again, the packet has been sealed after use and expires 08/19.
Also included in two HUEL shakers. Unused but one silver ball is missing from one of them. No clue why.
Plus a medium sized Men’s HUEL t-shirt.
My other half cut the label before trying it on and realised it was a bit snug.

I will post for £35 which includes P&P.
Payment via PayPal - UK only

Get in touch :slight_smile: image image image image image

Where are you located?

In dreary Northants however I have a buyer - subject to payment.
So this sale is on hold at this time.

Interested too :slight_smile:

Sorry all
Item paid for!