Unopened Huel Available

I bought 16 packets of Vanilla Huel, but unfortunately could not stomach the vanilla flavour. I therefore have 15 packets of unopened Vanilla Huel for sale at half price. Original invoice from Huel available for inspection.

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How much? Plus postage for 3 packs

Same question in terms of how much postage will be, if you have any ideas. I assume you’re in the UK?

Hi Rob,

If splitting them up will do at £12 a pack. So £36 plus postage.

Pm sent. I’ll have 3 thx


As above if splitting them up. I am based in the UK near Southampton so UK postage. If you want all 15 will do at £155 plus postage. If you are based in the South then may be happy to meet if not too far?!

Hi Glovell,

I’m over in Sussex so not very far but equally not very close. Assuming Rob takes 3 then I can take the other 13… I’ll get
through them eventually. Are these the v2.2 vanilla packs?

Already got some so you can have them all

Hiya. I would love a few packs if possible please? X

Heya if any available id be interested thanks. Me, 2 of my brothers and my mum all have this so would appreciate any left available thanks xx

I will take one off your hand if its the newest addition.

Hi do you still have any left?

I’m interested too! Will pay postage to the South East UK.


Add some flavouring !!

I can collect in London if you have any left!

Hi there,
do you have any left to sell?
All the best
From London