1 bag of unopened vanilla Huel for sale due to moving abroad

I’m off to Croatia and have 1 bag vanilla unopened from my trial for sale £20 inc postage, or collection from Chertsey/Egham/Addlestone area.

Uh, you know you can get 2 bags direct from Huel for about £40, right?

I’ll give you £60 for it and £5.95 postage

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But one bag from Huel is around £22, why would you pay £65.95 for one bag?

Edit: (I’ve just realised you’re trolling lol)

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70.00 and it’s yours :+1:t3:

Whoops! I couldn’t remember. Will edit post! Thanks!

Is it the new and improved vanilla or the previous version?

v2.2. I only bought it in December

My bid is £4.56 and a packet of stale cheese and onion crisps :+1:

cheese and onion are my least fav :nauseated_face:

is this still for sale?
I’ll give you £15?

Are you collecting?

I wouldn’t be, no

Out of interest could you not just take your Huel with you to Croatia?

£20 which includes postage

I’m buying two full bags locally for £30
If its getting close to departure and you want to send it for £15 let me know :wink: