8 Full Bags of HUEL Vanilla 2.2 *Now sold* Thanks

Hello and hope someone can help??

Having bought a months supply, my wife and I have tried to like this, but really, really cannot get into it at all.

We therefore have for sale 8 full bags of V2.2 Vanilla flavour Huel and 2 opened bags, one of which is 3/4 full the other about a 1/4 full.

We also have 3 packs of Chocolate, Toffee, and Mocha flavour boosts; all have been opened but still 3/4 full.

Will also include one half pack of sample flavours and an unopened pack of flavour samples.

One T Shirt (unworn) size XL and 2 shakers.

Would be happy to recoup the cost of 8 full and unopened bags, so if anyone is interested please let me know.

We are unsure how much postage would be at this stage, however if anybody lives close to Todmorden in West Yorkshire, we are happy for you to collect.

Thanks and fingers crossed… Mark & Liana

Did you know that you can returned unopened bags to Huel for a refund?

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I’m really sorry to hear what you aren’t getting along with your Huel. Can I ask what you are having problems with? We’re hear and active on this forum to give you loads of great information and helpful tips.

If it’s flavour then head here for some great tips

Perhaps its the mixability, if so we have loads of discussion here about that too.

However @ElectroDan is correct, we do accept returns on unopened pouches.

You can return any unopened bags or bar boxes you have in return for an exchange/refund, providing your order was placed within the last 30 days.

Our returns/refund policy and instructions can be found here: https://huel.com/pages/refund-policy

I hope some of this is helpful, we really want you to get on with your Huel!

Hi and thanks for the response; we purchased on the 1st October, so we are outside the period for returns :slightly_frowning_face: Hopefully someone will want to buy these off us. For us, we just cannot get on with the taste or consistency, thinks it’s like marmite, you either love it or hate it, just not for us unfortunately.

Now there’s an idea, Marmite flavour Huel.

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Would be happy to buy everything for £60.00 (plus postage to Italy). I know it’s not much but that’s what I can pay for it

It’s an idea…not sure if it’s a good one.

Hi, thanks for the offer and am sorry but will decline as we need to sell for a better price plus am sure the shipping alone would cost £60. Thanks and :neutral_face:

That’s pretty insulting.

You are offering 60 £ for something that’s worth 165 £ (and that’s only the 8 unopened bags). I would personally prefer to throw it in the bin rather than giving it to a vulture like you.

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Hey marc3, I appreciate your comment. Sorry to see you don’t agree with the price I was offering. I’m a poor college student so that was all I could offer. Thanks and have a great day


I love the close family atmosphere of the Huel forum. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside :stuck_out_tongue:


He did actually say plus shipping to be fair. :wink:

Thanks Mark. Not a problem, I totally understand this was an investment for you guys and you would like to minimize the loss. FYI shipping is actually £15 max. I hope you find somebody who offers a better price. I hope you and Liana have a great day!

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Being a poor student doesnt prevent one from making a fair offer that is benefitial for both parties.

You could offer 60 £ for eg 4 or bags which would still be a really good deal for you…

But I shouldn’t get worked up over it as I am not even involved :joy:

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I’ll pay what it is worth. I live in the states and just started on Heul. I love it and would be happy to buy it if you can ship to Connacticut and translate to US dollars. Thanks.
Kathy :slight_smile:

I live close to you and if you haven’t sold it yet i wondered if it was possible to buy a bag to try and if I like it I will purchase it all. I can struggle with these things like yourself but this product looks promising. I can be sensitive to some of the extras they put in these things… I’m not sure if I can purchase a trial size but as you are close by I thought perhaps it might be possible.
Thank you. Yvonne

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Hi, sorry but I sold it all on Thursday. Thanks for the offer :grinning:

Thanks for letting me know.

Just go for it Yvonne you won’t regret it