I've 2 UNOPENED bags of huel for sale within UK


I’ve tried Huel for two months and I like it but I think I overshot it buying 4 bags at once, so instead I’ll stick to buying two bags every month.

I have two UNOPENED bags for sale:

  1. Original vanilla flavour.
  2. New Vanilla flavour.

Kindly reply here if interested.

Thank you

Where are you please? Thanks!

I’m in Rugby, Warwickshire. Where are you?

Southampton! I’ve no doubt you’ll find someone closer but if you don’t I might be able to arrange something…

Hi @joh if you don’t mind me asking, why are you selling two bags if you are going to buy more? You could just skip a subscription if you don’t like having too much in stock. Or perhaps you don’t like those two flavours?

Would you want to message privately, because I could just post them to you. But what do you have in mind?

I don’t mind, the thing is I want to switch and try new flavours and it’s already the middle of the month, so I’d better do it now.