Free huel giveaway

Hi I have an unopened box of huel that has 2 bags in it. I cant remember the flavour but I dont want it. I am not selling it, I am giving it away. I dont want to post it either. I am in the Northants area near Corby. I think I also have some flavour bags too. Please let me know if anyone wants to come pick it up ASAP as it is taking up room in my kitchen.

Will happily pay postage if it’s Vanilla?

Edit: Would be a few quid via MyHermes. Happy to pay for a box/postbag too?

I’m starting Huel next month and one bag would be perfect for me to see if I like it, I’ll gladly pay for shipping if you can post it to Hertfordshire

I in Kettering this weekend, I can pick it up then if you’re still wanting to get rid of it