For sale

Have an unopened bag of Vanilla Huel if anyone wants it free , I am in the UK .

Might be best to post your location as I doubt shipping is economical on one bag.

are you in worcestershire? that’d be good…

Hi Sorry I am in Newmarket, Suffolk CB80NL

erm, blast. bit too far from me :frowning: shame…

admit i’m fairly new to this HUEL lark - as a chauffeur working stupid hours and living alone and with little money (so can’t afford take aways) i guess i’ve more reason than “normal” people to want to accept HUEL as a way of staying alive.

can’t say that it is the most satisfying food i’ve ever had (i do want to CHEW!!) - liquid Hob Nobs aren’t the best thing at that end of a 15 hour day…

but i am reassured that at least i’m getting balanced nutrition and i know i’ve had enough calories.

sorry you’re not getting on with it. hope you find someone local who will benefit from your generosity (but i think i’d rather you found some way of using it that means you gain an advantage from your investment!

best of luck, either way.

kind regards


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I’m happy to pay the postage, I live in Kent.

Okay I will look to see how much it would be

Ok here are options9D82B2D8-8155-424D-9098-56A77E368B2E

The middle one is ok for me as I still have one unopened bag. So how can we do this?

Do you have a PayPal account ?

Hi can i have it ? i work in newmarket so could collect whenever

Okay you can collect anytime after 4.30 any day
I am at 15 Manderston road Nkt CB8 0NL

okay im leaving work at 5.15 so ill see you soon

Yes I have