Have two bags of unopened Huel and two boxes of snack bars to sell

Hi have two new bags of Huel v3 to sell as not liking the product. These bags are unopened. Flavours Vanilla and Banana flavour. Also have 28 snack bars ( had one of each) (salted caramel and choc orange) happy to do the whole lot for £50

This is a deal i would jump on if it was closer to payday, if you still somehow have these by next wednesday let me know! ;D

Ok sure no problems. Are you based in the UK right as happy to pay all postage as well.


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I absolutely am, i will keep an eye on the post in case nobody else comes forward :slight_smile:

Cool sounds good

If you still have it I would like to buy them.
Only if i pay for the postage…:wink:

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Still have them Cristian so that’s 2 bags and 28 bars £50 ok. Can you pay via PayPal ? I can send you a link If you can . I can post Tom then if you send me your address.

Many thanks

Send me the link please and the total with postage…:slight_smile:

Where are you based…?

Hi I’m based in London how about you ?

High Wycombe…

Hello - if this falls through, please let me know. Regards

Send me the link please…

Hi Cristian

Call postage a £5 that will do prob be more but that’s fine. So £55 in total

Should be the link let me know if any probs. Will send Tom without fail. Any problems let me know.



Done…please come back with details about delivery…

I left the address as a note it is High Wycombe not Hemel…

Perfect did send an email to you pm. Will post Tom for you and send details.

Many thanks