Selling unwanted huel in Leeds

Hi all,
Is anyone in the Leeds area interested in buying my Huel before I turn to the dreaded ebay :joy:

Selling all for £60

1× unopened vanilla V3.0 BBE 05/21
1× opened vanilla v3.0 757g remaining bbe 04/21 (date I opened 16/04)
1× opened coffee v3.0 1.62kg remaining BBE 06/21 (date I opened 26/06)
1× opened mint choc v3.0 1.65kg remaining BBE 06/21 (date I opened 26/06)
1× opened black edition vanilla 1.1kg remaining BBE 04/21 (date I opened 16/04)

11× salted caramel bars BBE 12/20
8× peanut butter bars BBE 12/20

Flavour boosts;
1×unopened banana BBE 05/21
1×opened but not used peanut butter BBE 04/21 (date I opened 22/06)
1× opened mint choc 41g remaining BBE 03/21 (date I opened 16/04)
1×opened banana 50g remaining BBE 03/21 (date I opened 16/04)

The weights I’ve given include the bags.

Any questions let me know :blush:


I wouldn’t have thought you’d have a great deal of success selling opened packets of food online. Especially at the moment.

I think you could return the unopened bag to Huel though (which would actually make up a fair chunk of the total asking price you’re looking for).

Ok thanks. The return cost is a lot that’s all

I totally get it. It’s annoying for one bag especially.

You might try friends/family though - I’d buy an opened bag of Huel from someone I know but if a stranger in the pub tried to sell me one there’s no way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I get what you’re saying :blush:
Opened bags are still selling on ebay atm, so I’ll go there after as I say… but just thought I’d try see if anyone local wanted them first

… not in Leeds. Stick the eBay link here if you decide to go that way? Hermes seem to do reasonable price post and will collect from you for 60p extra. Bargain!