Selling 6 unopened bags of UU Huel v2.3


I have 6 unopened bags of Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel v2.3 with Best Before: April 2020

With the release of Huel 3.0, I prefer to use the new version, and I’m willing to sell those 6 bags of UU Huel v2.3 for a very symbolic price that at least covers the shipping costs.

I paid 19.74 EUR/bag, and I live in Barcelona (Spain), so we can exchange them personally if you live nearby. I’m open to hearing some offers (here or in PM), and I’ll sell them to the best bidder :slight_smile:

PS: You don’t need to buy the 6 bags. If you want just 1 or 2, I’m ok with that.

Hi, I live in Barcelona and would like to buy them all from you and could pick them up (anytime from next Monday)! I am rubbish at bidding a price though (I have no idea what would be considered acceptable or insulting!) so for me it would be easier if you put a price but I understand if there is bidding going on and you would prefer to go that route.

Thanks @cyckiv! I sent you a PM to discuss it further.