For SALE: 4bags U/U 2.2 Sweden/Stockholm

Unfortunately Huel doesn’t work for me, I was hoping for a change with the new 2.2 but I still don’t respond well to it.

I have 4 unopened bags of Unflavoured/Unsweetened Huel 2.2 for sale in Sweden/Stockholm. I would prefer to sell it to someone here in Stockholm or at least within Sweden maybe even Germany, you would have to pay shipping though…

If you are interested please give me a bid and I will consider it, I will not give them away for free but of course I am not going for full price. Give me a reasonable bid please!

You can return them to Huel and get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase

Cesare_de_Cal: Thank you for trying to help me! Unfortunately the order was placed 4th December, so it it to late now.

Anyone interested? I will post anywhere as long as you are willing to pay the cost of the shipping.

I am interested, are they sold?