Selling Huel (SWEDEN)


I need to sell my Huel.
7 unopened bags.

2x Berry
3x Coffee
1x Vanilla
1x Mint Chocolate

Is anyone able to/interested in buying?
Malmö/Lund or area around that I deliver them to a location of your choosing. 10% lower price than the site!

Unless I edit post, bags are available. Send me a private message!




Squizzle, what happened?

I think he’s thrown his toys out of the pram, reference Unfair Pricing for Sweden 📍


Phil, with all do respect… please don’t post nonsense here. Thread has nothing to do with that, your comment shows you’re clueless and inability to behave like an adult.

Meh fair, not worth the effort. Good luck with sale.

So where are you at Squiz, what answers have you had, in summary?

Also what are you paying right now for a typical order/subscription and what WOULD you pay if you didnt have the “swedish tax” imposed on you?

I’m sorry lads but I don’t feel there is benefit talking about the pricing issue any further, I have said my piece as far as I’m concerned (all info is available in the thread) and they’re aware and I am tired of bringing it up as I am sure many are of reading about it so let’s leave it at that and while I hope there will be a (good) solution, the how’s, if’s and when’s are up to them. And this sale is not because I am leaving Huel, there is another reason but that answers some of the questions or anonymous immature comments on the Discord (hope you’re too young to understand better about how to behave like an adult btw!)

Much love to everyone and have a splendid weekend (and bags are still for sale!)

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