Huel for Sale 5 bags £70 delivered (half price plus postage)

I’m selling a new, unopened set of 5 bags of Huel (still in the original delivery box - I’d better open it to check it) for £70 delivered, which is about half price plus postage, or £50 collection, I’m in the Nottingham area.

I’ve got a few other bags I can’t see myself working through too, I’ll think about those and list those separately if needed.

It’s the v2.3 original original flavour.


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Hi Adam,

I will take them off your hands, I am also in the Nottingham area.

Hey! If that doesn’t work out ^ I’m interested! :slight_smile:

Hello, I am also interested but I live in York and would have to have it delivered. I’d also be interested in any other bags you have.

However i understand it’s a first come first served system and i’m not the first person to ask :slight_smile:

And it was 12 months ago…


lmao. i saw ‘sep 18’ and assumed it was september 18th (today) not september 2018.

Guess I should pay more attention to dates lol