25 bags for sale, Cambridge UK


I have 25 bags of Huel Unflavored/Unsweetened v2.3 for sale. All bags are unopened, have been stored in a cool, dark, dry area.

15 of them are:
BBE 10/2020

10 of them are:
BBE 08/2020

I am leaving the country and it is not economical for me to take all those Huel bags with me.

Cost is 18GBP per bag, and is negotiable if you are buying the whole lot.

Collection only. Cambridge, Cherry Hinton area.


Hmm, I would have thought there’d be at least some interest, given Huel’s recent price increase.

£18 a bag is not going to gain much interest.
It’s £20 delivered from Huel (less if buying in bulk)
It would cost more than £2 to go and get it even if you were local to Cambridge.
So there’s no benefit to anyone to buy it at that price. It would actually be cheaper buying direct, especially with the bulk discount you get from Huel, plus most people make use of the student discount or refer a friend discount.

If you really want to sell it fast, lower the price.

Or if you need the money, try eBay: you could ask full price (or even make a profit) as lots of people want to buy single bags on there. But then you’d have the hassle of posting them all…


See if posting them on

gets a response?

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@jeffy is in Cambridge