Selling unopened bag of v2.3 Original

Hello, not sure if this is allowed but I’m sure in the past I’ve seen people selling bags of Huel?

I have an unopened 1.75kg bag of Original Flavour v2.3 - BBE 07/2020 which is quite soon (though I know some people are not overly bothered about use by dates). I definitely won’t manage to use it the next couple of months. Does anybody want to buy it and take it off my hands for a reasonable price?

Given that 1 bag on the Huel website is now £25 (and minimum buy is 2 bags) … I think a good deal is £18 including postage … any takers?

you can return it for full price to Huel.

Matt - you can only return unopened products within 30 days of delivery for a refund.

i beg your pardon

i totally overlookef the BBE

i stand correcred!

Thanks anyway Matt :slight_smile:

Any takers anyone?

That should stand corrected as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where abouts are you? (someone local might be able to collect).

Also is this v3 or v2.3?

Ah yeah, I’m in Stockport (near Manchester).

It’s version 2.3

Yes - if you still have it. I know it’s a while back and a bit out of date, but I’ll take any 2.3 I can lay my hands on.

Sorry it sold!

Ah. I’m not surprised after all this time.

Thanks for letting me know.