Selling 2 bags of huel Black Sweden


I used Huel before, several years back, and never had a problem with the taste of sweetener. Therefore when I wanted to get going with huel again I did not check very closely regarding the new types of huel and how they are sweetened. Thus, I ended up with Huel black with a (for me) terrible taste of stevia. I absolutely can’t stand it.

This leaves me with 2 bags of huel black, one chocolate flavor and one salted caramel flavour to sell. Each bag has been opened, and 2 scoops are taken from each. I ordered them last week, so they are new.

Preferably I would sell to someone in in Stockholm who could pick them up easily, but if someone is willing to pay for shipping, somewhere else may also be ok. It would be a shame if they went unused.

How much do you want per bag?


Would 200 sek per bag work? that would mean 50% off, roughly.

100/bag? Since they are already opened.

Could you guys switch this to DM? No need to barter and haggle on a public thread. Thanks.

I will pay 4 shillings and a leprecon.

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I’ll raise you a sheckle, a threppany bit, a farthing and a five bob note


Sorry, first time posting, and I had seen people mention how much they wanted for the Huel they’re selling, so I didn’t realise that was not considered ok. We’ll switch to DM, of course. Have a good weekend!

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Thanks. I hope you have a great weekend too. Just so you know it wasn’t me who told you to switch to DM. I like a good public haggle.

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Yes, you’re often found at your local boot sale trying to get a bargain on some old tat. I’d be embarrassed to be honest.

I bet you’re one of those snobs who makes their Huel in a shaker and then pours it into a glass. :roll_eyes:

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and then I raise my pinkie finger as I sip it

Raising a pinkie with a pint glass? What a state.

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I also have a diamond encrusted silver Huel branded scoop with which to measure my Huel. Well, I don’t measure it myself, Jeeves does it.

What size is that scoop though?

Well I have a 45g scoop, a 50g scoop and a 33g scoop. Depends how I decide to roll that day.

Ah but is each of your scoops a conical frustrum? Or are you old school with inferior cylinders. I think we should be told.

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John is just inferior, regardless of the shape of his scoops.

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You’re just jealous of my conical frustum, no R.

If there’s no R does that mean I can go out to the pub?! :wink: