Still have some pouches of Huel v1.2

Hi everyone!

I purchased about 8 pouches of unflavoured & unsweetened Huel v1.2 a while back when they were on sale, but as I never used them all up and as they will - according to their label - go off very soon (2017 07), I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in them before I bin them?

The reason I am not certain about the quantity is that they are at work, and I think I used at least one or two bags and I was also given one or two by a colleague of mine who did not want theirs. I won’t be there until next Monday, but will provide an update on the precise amount then. Time is of an essence though as they are going off very soon, hence the reason for this post now without exact amounts. I think we can work out a very reasonable price for them, let me know if you are interested!


How much Inc postage?

Hey Rob!

Sorry I forgot to check the exact quantities! I paid £135 for this last October, so factoring in all the aforementioned issues I would think something like £50 would be appropriate?


Only after a couple of bags which I could use before bbd

Where in UK are you

Also interested in two bags! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, so I got around to make the tally: it turns out I have 6 unopened bags of Unflavorued and Unsweetened v1.2.

The two extra bags would come free (or not, if you don’t want them): they are one almost full bag that is already opened and one that is unopened but seems to have expired this month (2017 06).

There are only 2 bags left! (they have been partially claimed by Deon here, but no payment has been received as of yet).

Hi Zoltan,
If you have any lefti would like than please!
All the best

:grinning:Thank you

I’ve 3 bags left, they’re 2.1, best within november 2017, they’re unflavored (i’ll also send some flavor system for free).

All my remaining pouches are gone! Yay!

I just realised that I still have 13 Huel Bars left if anybody is interested I am happy to post it for £10!

£10 for 13 bars including postage in the UK?

Yep! (A post here must be at least 10 characters).

I’ll have the bars

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