Selling 2 bags of huel Black Sweden

Not dressed like that.

No sense of style. My sartorial skills are second to none, that jacket is perfect for the pubs where I live!

Do you sing sea shanties while wearing it? They’re all the rage.

Whilst wearing Harris tweed? Erm, no?

I do know some Cornish folk songs tho…

Erm camborne hill?

I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I did
I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I did
I 'ad 'er, I did:
It cost me a quid
Going up Camborne Hill coming down

Maybe the less said about the better on the other verses, to be honest…

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It sounds like it would only get worse…no doubt Jethro approves

Oh this stuff predates him, many years lol. I’m a member of a charitable organisation which prior to lockdowns we would have a nice dinner and a laugh and whatnot every other month or so. But anyway once a year we had a Cornish night with dodgy pasties, jam sandwiches, Cornish snacks and of course a Cornish old fashioned band and singing group.

But it was all singalong stuff and we’d have plenty of cider and see the song sheets through hazy eyes and drunkenly keep up as best we could.

Brilliant times. I wonder if we’ll ever have those again? I mean not quite the same because since the last time I’ve buried my dad and my brother left, and frankly I reckon we must have lost about 10 members of our lodge

But still, lots of younglings coming through and we have a backlog of membership requests lol. You lot stressing out about life need to get yourselves down Kernow way. :wink::+1:t3: