I've 3 bags of huel 2.1 for sale within EU

Someone may be be interested?

The date on the bag is November 2017

I’ve forgot to say, they’re Huel Unflavored, but I’ve also some bags of “flavor system” and I’ll include them in the package, so you get the best possible deal on this… :slight_smile:

Another thing, I’m in Italy, so I can offer a better deal for people in Italy.

My idea is, 60 eur with Italy (shipping included), 70 for EU (shipping included).

I might be interested in 1 bag. I’m in the UK. Just waiting for a ‘sample’ to arrive then I will know.

If you get another offer, then take them up on it!

1 bag in the UK isn’t worth the shipping costs.

I would suggest 3 bags. It’s not much. It’s only 14 days of food that you can eat over the course of several months.

I think it’s funny that a black market is opening up for pre-2.2 Huel.

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Is there much difference between 2.2 and 2.1?

As far as I know, I’m selling for entirely different reason. I’m simply bored by powder food.

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From some of the discussions on this forum it would appear so, yes.

And what’s the “selling point” of 2.2 in your view?

I haven’t had it, so I wouldn’t know. Very happy with 2.1 and have supply of it to last into the fall. Hopefully the texture issues of 2.2 will be sorted out by then.

Ah, so it seems 2.2 has problems :slight_smile:

Good for me then :smiley:

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I’m just looking for a small batch to see if my gut issues recur before committing to a proper order.

JCW, that’s probably the best possible use for what I’m selling. Can you tell me your email? You can pay via Paypal or international wire (euro) if it’s cheaper.

They’re 3 bags Huel unflavored 2.1 (date on the bag: nov 2017) + Huel Pineapple & Coconut + Huel Banana + Huel Rhubab & Custard + Huel Strawberry + I can give you for free some Eatnano and another surprise bag! :slight_smile:

70 eur? 65? :slight_smile:

Naturally they’re all unopened (both the huel unflavored and the flavours and the eatnano and surprise bags)

I got some 2.1 off Gumtree last week; it felt like a blackmarket deal! :joy:

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