I sell Huel v2.2 Original Vanilla and Huel Bars v1.2

If someone is interested, I’m selling individual unopened bags of Huel v2.2 Original Vanilla for £17/19€ each (they cost £22.50/25.00€ if you purchase new v2.3 on the website). The price is negotiable if you order a lot of bags.

I’m in Spain, Barcelona. We can do the exchange in person without any shipping costs if you live or come close to me. If not, I can also ship the bags to you, but then we will have to negotiate the shipping costs (i.e. I can cover them if you order a lot of bags or we can split them otherwise).

I have a total of 11 bags (I consume an average of 2 bags/week, so I will have less if you reply late to this message) and the reason I’m selling them is that I like v2.3 much more (I want to be honest). They are in perfect status and expire in November 2018.

I also have 41 Huel Bars v1.2 that I sell for £1/1€ each (they cost £2.40/2.70€ each if you purchase new v2.0 on the website). They expire on April 14th, 2018 and I consume approximately 4 bars/week.

Let me know if you’re interested.