I got healthier using Huel for 2 months

I have Ulcerative Colitis. I had high blood pressure, low B12 levels, borderline diabetic with levels meandering over the line at the end of pre-diabetic levels. I was also morbidly obese (its easier to be that than you think). I am 47. And Scottish. 105kg became 98kg last week.
After using huel for 2 months my last blood test came back normal across the board. I have lost 7kg and am able to control my weight loss. And I don’t feel sad at the loss of my favourite meals as I still have them.
So for breakfast I have a berries rtd or strawberries and cream shake prepared the night before.
Mid afternoon have a hot and savoury. Dinner time - if my weight loss is going well , I have a normal meal (and due to improvments of health, smaller portions than previously fill me up). If I need more weight loss I have a second H&S and possibly an evening snack of toast and honey.
Now a poke at the annoying people who post huel is not a meal replacement. I just showed how I have replaced breakfast and lunch with huel products. I have replaced those 2 meals with huel. Huel has become a meal replacement. Huel is not a complete diet replacement, you idiots. What you are thinking of is space tablets from the future.
At the weekends - free choice all day. I do ensure to keep some junk food in my system to prevent constipation or other complications. A wee pizza here, fried chicken wings. It’s all good in teh end. But from being healthier I don’t at as much of it in one sitting.
Thank you huel. You have changed my relationship with food - something I have failed to manage for a long long time.
My tweaks to the meals if anyone is interested:
mac&cheese+ketchup, korma+lime pickle, sweet&sour+mango chutney, mexican chillie as it is possibly with pita bread, madras + mango or lime pickle, tomato&herb + hot sauce. thai green curry with some additional chillie powder.
I will not make the mistake of saying I will update in the future. But I may post again if I reach my target of 82kg. Hardly anyone ever does follow up :smiley:


Hey Simon, it’s great to hear a little more about why you’re using Huel and your goals. Thanks for taking the time to share.

This is great to hear, congratulations on taking control. You’re absolutely right, you don’t have to lose your favourite meals, it’s just about balance. I think some people believe that Huel changes people’s relationship with food for the worse. While perhaps a small number have felt that, it’s amazing to see you haven’t found the opposite.

Keep it up, I look forward to hearing if you hit your target weight!

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