Huel on This Morning, Feb 6th


Huel taste testing on ITV, This Morning

I’m slightly annoyed at the lack of distinction between the diet shakes, protein powders and true meal replacements like Huel and Soylent.
And £55 for 300g protein powder is ridiculous.


You learn not to expect too much from ITV’s breakfast and This Morning shows. I wondered why my parents never let me watch ITV as a kid (we wozn’t even posh). Interesting link though, so thanks for that.


It was rushed to the point it wasnt really worth doing. What a waste of everyones time. Plus no mention of sustainability. My boss at work saw it and asked me about it this morning. The way they pitched it, it looks like these foods are for people who cant be bothered to cook. End of. Now my boss thinks im a lazy b*tch. Great.


The lady doth protest too much, methinks. :rofl:


No matter. Huel’s popularity speaks for itself despite the brainless ‘reviews’.


Aaahhhhh. Thank you, Bee. A voice of reason, calm and sanity to temper my angry Friday mood! :kissing:


Sanity? Oooh, thank you! :crazy_face::upside_down_face:


" ‘Huel’ comes from the sound you make at the gym " :rofl::rofl::rofl:

“Doesn’t claim to be healthy - they sell themselves as a convenience food”… ???

I also thought it was rubbish how they lumped Huel and Soylent together and didnt tell us which one they were tasting. Although considering it was brown, I assume it was Soylent, as the RTD only comes in white and pink…


That was terrible. I nearly punched the screen!!