Looking for Huel devotees to interview - would you be interested?

Hi there, I work as a journalist at the Guardian/Observer and am writing up a piece on Huel and the trend for meal replacements/nutritionally complete food, having visited Huel HQ last week. Are you a long-time devotee or a relative newbie? Would you be free to share your Huel experience with me over the phone or by email today (Tuesday 10th July) or tomorrow (Wednesday 11th July)?

Looking for half a dozen people to speak to, would love to hear from you!

Great if you could reply if it’s of interest and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have been using it for 2 years, mainly with a normal meal or all 3 meals when at work due to the convinience and the fact I know it’s balanced enough to use 100%. It has helped with weight loss and keeping healthy.

Great! If you don’t mind, I’ll get in touch with Huel HQ to ask if they can pass your contacts on to me. Thanks!

Hey I’m interested! :slight_smile: Been using Huel for 90 days, it’s been a great help with life haha

No probs - I’m at home tomorrow (on nights) so should have some free time

Ah great, I’m on nosheen.iqbal@theguardian.com, could you send me best number/time to get you?

Sent an email from work with home details

Hey Chris, great if you could email me your number and best time to call you for 10 or so mins. I’m on nosheen.iqbal@theguardian.com


I’d be interested if you didn’t work for a leftist rag like the Guardian. :kissing_heart:


This is who you’re dealing with Huelers:


You’ve been warned.


I’d rather than that than the daily hate.

Yup. Both utter shite.

Swedish Huel fan here, I could help if needed

Sunday Sport more your thing?

Hi Nosheen, I’m interested if you’re still looking for people?

Thanks for getting back to me, got lots of interviewees from here so all good, no more needed but appreciate your help. Thanks!

My original post with first impressions.

you just had to, didn’t you - no doubt now, there’ll be some mention of the Huel forum being “infested with members of the alt-right” :stuck_out_tongue:


Used Huel for ~90% of my food, for almost two years now. Happy to pitch in too - feel free to drop me a message/email.

Hey, I’m a native New yorker living in Sweden and eat Huel regularly for a host of reasons. Would definitely answer any questions you may have with transparency and sincerity. Cheers!