Explaining Huel to skeptical souls

Hi guys,

Nobody in the office has noticed I’m drinking Huel yet, but someone else is doing it and behind his back they are criticising him, saying it’s not healthy etc. I haven’t said anything yet because I don’t want to embarrass them (well, not too much) but I’m waiting for the inevitable, ‘oh, why are you drinking that?’

To be fair when one of the girls did the Cambridge diet nobody batted an eyelid, but apparently this is a step too far :roll_eyes:

I’m just looking for any advice from anyone else who’s come up against this!


I get this every so often, but I’m not one to beat around the bush. First response is usually “That’s just a smoothie I use to complement my training recovery. It’s a product called Huel, contains all of your nutrients and protein”. Normally guys respond with “Huh… Interesting… I’ll look into it, bet it tastes awful though!”.

Women are normally a lot more cynical and resort to insults or belittling, but I’ll typically hit straight back and say “I wouldn’t expect valid criticism from someone I can tell has no knowledge on nutrition beyond the latest trends in OK magazine.”. That seems to shoo them away.


My sister’s partner is a sarky twat, and towards the end of last year - maybe October - I was discussing Huel with him (both he and myself sister are part time fitness instructors). Anyway he was a little skeptical about it, although I could see it had piqued an interest in him, but thought nothing much more of it. About 3 weeks ago myself sister admitted that they are both Huel users now…and really love it…he in particular says it has given him more energy…not that he seems sluggish and slothful at the best of times. Foolish though, he didn’t tap me up for mate’s rates for first order.


This is incredible :joy:


Yeah this is pretty common. Actually the best way to refute any skepticism is to remind people that it’s just food. Huel is mostly oats, so if it helps, you can think of it as a fancy porridge, designed to meet all of your body’s nutritional requirements in one cheap and convenient product, which also happens to be as good for the planet as it is for your body. And the best part is, pretty much anyone can eat it!


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks… :grin::bear:


I just explain that I’m not into conventional breakfast cereal and that Huel just works, not many people ask so have not had to explain too much.

Get the odd comment of “oh god that looks awful” or “I bet that tastes of mud” :roll_eyes:

Husband is over the novelty now and also doesn’t bother being sarcastic, if I can ever get a decent strawberry flavour I’d get him to at least try it.


All good suggestions, thanks guys!

I have IBS and I’m always moaning about my stomach so I think I’ll also mention how it doesn’t have anything in it that upsets my tummy.


I drink it in a non transparent bottle so if someone ask I just say its water

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A common experience for me too.

My answer depends a little on how the question is formulated.

If I deal with someone who demonstrates a minimum of real interest, I tend to explain a little more in detail Huel.
Based on the interlocutor, I decide how to respond.

If a stupid person asks you anything whatever you want to tell him, Huel or not Huel, he will always look for a reason to be right and I will have only wasted breath and time.
Nevertheless, I am very open to compare and give information, Huel is a product that in Italy where I live would be very convenient to many if there was less scepticism.

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I’m finding it easier based near to London, I think visibility is greater there so people might have seen something in their fridge at work or their housemate bought some. That makes it easier and don’t worry we’re trying to increase visibility across the world too which will make your lives easier!

I always talk about Huel as convenience food and suggest that during the week, particularly at lunch, there are 4 things I think you want out of food:

1 - Easy/convenient/quick
2 - Cheap/cost effective
3 - Nutritious (?) - arguably that isn’t that important to many (but that is easy to counter)
4 - Tasty

Take a meal deal:
1 - yes kind of (pre-made but you do need to head to a shop etc which, depending on your location might not be easy)
2 - yes kind of (it’s still ~£3 but that is viewed as cheap by most)
3 - not even close (depending on your choices)
4 - how tasty is a sweaty BLT really

Now take something considered healthy - like Itsu
1 - same as meal deal
2 - no, £5+
3 - depends on your order but healthier than meal deal
4 - yes

Huel ticks all those 4 boxes. People would argue against taste, but we know here that we all have our favourite ways to make Huel.

The next argument would be socialising with friends, taste, texture, love, joy etc. We get it all the time on Facebook comments. The thing is that on Wednesday when you’re dashing between client meetings you aren’t sitting down to joyful meal with friends, you’re grabbing something cheap and rubbish and wolfing it down on the way to your next meeting.

Or you’re premaking your chicken, broccoli and brown rice the night before, which isn’t exactly the tastiest thing once you’ve blitzed it in the microwave for 3 mins, nor the most convenient. In fact, for me, Huel means I take more time in the evening cooking because I don’t need to worry about making anything for the next day. I can do more things that I want to do too.

Huel fills that gap with something that is highly nutritious, phenomenally simple to make and costs less than a couple of quid for a meal.

By this point I’ve generally cleared the room…



That’s just the Huel farts…you don’'t get that with BLT Itsu


Hahaha this tickled me, there’s a few people in my office who ask why I don’t get bored of the same gruel every day and then they stick a Tupperware of this exact same combination in the microwave.

On the subject of lack of variety, I ask if they’ll ever get bored of their morning coffee, or tea… I never feel the need to flavour those and every day it hits the spot, even though there’s a million other tasty drinks out there I could technically be having instead


A lot of people assume Huel is bad usually because one or both of these reasons.

  1. It’s processed
  2. It’s a liquid diet

I myself just ignore it, even though I’m sad to admit I drink more than 50% of my daily calories. I am a very picky eater, and on top of that it takes me too long to eat a plate of food. Huel has become a dream come true because now my nutrition is probably the best it’s been my entire life. I am a bodybuilder, so nutrition and excess calories is something I strive for.

If you need to get in a debate with someone over whether or not Huel is good for you, I always express how it’s main ingredients are

  • Oatmeal
  • Brown Rice
  • Flax Seed
  • and Pea Protein

and contains pretty much 100% of your DV for for macro and micro nutrients. (Fats, Carbs, Protein, Vitamins, and more)

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Depending on the tone of “Why are you drinking that”, my response may include one or more of the following phrases:

  • It’s safer than gambling on whatever the canteen have found down the back of the freezer
  • It saves messing around going out for lunch
  • It’s better for me than the vending machine
  • I’m trying to eat less crap
  • Because f*’! you that’s why

Because it’s a healthy quick meal for £1.79…


…because a boring looking sludge still has more personality than you.


I really do know some people who pretty much only eat MacDonalds, everyday. You will never be able to explain the benefits of Huel and they will never understand. Even my own wife, who does understand, will still ask me what I’d like for lunch whilst I’m drinking a Huel.



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Same here… Or saying that you didnt eat today, but they saw you drinking Huel