Explaining Huel to skeptical souls


Its so anoying when people who know what it is and why I dink it then start saying “Are you going to eat today?”
Then trying to explain you have eaten and had the majority of your calories for the day and just get a bored glazed expression looking back.


Funnily enough I was getting a few questions and raised eyebrows but post New Years in my office there are 2 people on diet meal replacement shakes and 1 person having daily build up shakes, so now my Huel drinking has blended in to a sea of shakes :smile:
One of the diet shake drinkers takes a sachet of stuff before her drink that is meant to suppress appetite :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am happily retired so don’t have those problems. Mind you, if I was still working I’m sure plenty of my nursing colleagues would be developing an interest in Huel, or already on it. I really don’t give a stuff what anyone thinks anyway :grin:


exactly that.


In work?!?!


He’s a swimming instructor…it is his speedos


There is this one colleague I have, that just keeps complaining that I don’t have to lose weight.
Don’t want to count the times I explained it is a meal replacement, not a diet shake.
On top of that, if anything, I’m trying to gain weight rather than lose it. :rofl:
The before mentioned colleague is on weight loss diet, 24/7/52/her entire life. :smirk:

She’s trying, gotta appreciate it :wink:

Doesn’t strike me as a responsible diet :neutral_face:


This is definitely the most annoying thing that’s been said to me too. I finally get fewer comments now that my family are used to seeing me prepping my flask and leaving for work with it.


Like… cocaine?


Hi Nikki. I’ve been using Huel as my main food source for over 2.5 years now. I mentioned to my doctor that I was vegan and he sent me for an immediate blood test. That was November 2016. All my results came back normal (much to his surprise). At the end of January this year I was asked to go for a free NHS health check. Blood tests and all the usual height, weight, blood pressure tests etc. Again, all results came back as normal. My cholesterol level was 3.3 whatever that means but I hear it is a good thing. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised and relieved. I’m 47 (almost 48) years old. I get no exercise whatsoever. I smoke tobacco and I’m a recovering alcoholic. Maybe that explains the power of good nutrition. Either that or I’m just super lucky :grin: Ignore the naysayers. Huel is a good and healthy food. Hope this helps. John T


What a great story!


Thanks for sharing that with us John. Great to have you on the team. Would have loved to have seen the look on your doctors face!


My earlier attempt at the same joke apparently missed the mark


Tough crowd for cocaine jokes.


Usually a short explanation along the lines of “it’s a meal replacement, i.e. contains all that the body needs, not just proteins” is enough to satisfy the curiosity of the asker. If they look genuinely interested I tell them that we can discuss the benefits/drawbacks if they have the time and offer to give them a free sample.
Maybe I’m just lucky but so far but I haven’t had many mean comments or regular comebacks. I don’t feel excluded at lunch when others eat their takeaway and I drink my shake.

To questions like “What are you going to eat today?” I answer “Same thing I eat every day, Pinky”


I’m a nurse and know of a handful who are using Huel in my old department already!


Yup, it’s not a sachet of the illegal kind though! Some weird herbal thing. I shall investigate more when I see her next


Ha! No, though I do recall someone I know used to get speed on prescription from her GP for weight loss. Pretty sure they wouldn’t do that these days :joy:


I remember someone doing that too. Was only a matter of time before she piled all the weight back on again though.


Meal replacement? MEAL REPLACEMENT :sob::sob::sob:

Right where are those brand guidelines… :wink: